Faster cygwin rsync ssh

Joseph Annino jannino at
Fri Mar 8 04:26:22 EST 2002

I was wondering if there were any flags, patches, etc, that can speed up
rsync over SSH between two Win2k boxes running cygwin?

I am setting up a system where these machines can sync off each other, and
they potentially might transfer up to a Gig of data, so a little bit more
speed goes a long way.  These machines will be on the same local network.
In my tests I have both plugged into the same 10/100 switch and file
transfers over SMB are much much faster than over rsync with ssh.  I would
expect some slowdown using rsync and ssh due to increased overhead and the
way cygwin deals with pipes, etc, but I would like the speed to be better.
I don't want to drop ssh either.

Any advice would be great.  Thanks.

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