script to rysnc to spare hard drive

Gary Peltola clist at
Mon Mar 4 18:22:17 EST 2002

Im brand new to rsync and i been doing alot of reading about it and it looks like the tool I have long been wanting.

Bascially i got 1 server, 2 hard drives. partions are

/backup (2nd drive)

Bascially what i am looking at doing is mirroring the first drive to the 2nd drive, and once that intial one is moved over, have a
cron run nightly (or when specified) that will update any modified files from the cron run. I am looking to have this as a perl
script (or whatever) so i can easily port it to all my servers across my network. So that if hard drive 1 fails, i will just need to
pop in hard drive two and be up and running within minutes rather then hours (my last outage was pretty major on my /boot partion
and if had rysnc setup in the manor i am speaking of, downtime would have went from 8 hours to less then 30 minutes....)

Does anyone have such examples of what i can do to accomplish this? or if even better, someone is willing to create the script in
question for some a quick $50 or something like that I have absolutly no problem in. I am rather busy with daily operations and if i
can get someone to make me the script, that would be very favorable

Gary Peltola

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