Why would any REMOTE WILDCARD = "No match" ???

Derek Sivers cdbaby at mac.com
Sat Mar 2 17:22:13 EST 2002

That fixed it!  Thanks.  Mac OS X use tsch as the default shell and it
wasn't accepting wildcards like that.

I went to good ol' gnu.org, got bashed, and all is well.

Thanks gang!   I never would have thought of that.

>>> But THIS immediately shoot back a "No match" error:
>>> rsync -avze ssh derek at mydomain.com:/home/derek/*.pub ./
>> The wildcard expands locally. (your shell does that)
> sh should not expand this wildcard unless you have a file called
> literally
> derek at mydomain.com:/home/derek/foo.pub
> starting from the current directory.
> However I think some shells (zsh?) will try to e xpand wildcards like
> this to '' if they don't match.  Perhaps the OS X shell does this.
> So you should put the argument containing the wildcard in single
> quotes.

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