Why would any REMOTE WILDCARD = "No match" ???

Derek Sivers cdbaby at mac.com
Fri Mar 1 02:02:01 EST 2002

Using newest rsync on Mac OS X:

Why would THIS work:
rsync -avze ssh derek at mydomain.com:/home/derek/digitize.pub ./

But THIS immediately shoot back a "No match" error:
rsync -avze ssh derek at mydomain.com:/home/derek/*.pub ./

The 2nd example doesn't even try to log in.
Rsync just immediately shoots back this error:

rsync: No match.

Wildcard DOES work locally:  THIS WORKS:
rsync -avz /Users/derek/Documents/* ./

So it seems it's not ANY wildcard that doesn't work.  Only remote ones.

I use rsync just fine on all other machines.  I've only seen this
"no-remote-wildcard" behavior on Mac OS X.  Both their default old version
or the newest install.


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