documentation bug for --daemon "use chroot" in conjunction with -o and -g

pyxl pyxl at
Thu Jun 27 10:37:02 EST 2002

You da boss.

And thanks for looking into this, it'll save other folks heartache in 
the future.


Dave Dykstra wrote:

>On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 05:11:40PM -0400, pyxl wrote:
>>Looking at the source for 2.5.5, I'm only seeing mention of it under the 
>>--numeric-ids flag in rsync(1); --owner doesn't make mention of it at all.
>>What you quoted must be in CVS (I'd look, but I don't know how to do a
>>remote CVS checkout yet, and am too lazy to learn at this moment).
>I researched it at 
>and see that it was taken out of the --owner item in rsync 2.5.1 by change
>That patch had many wording changes to the man page, suggested by somebody
>from the community, and I think it was wrong to drop this info.   I will
>fix it for the next release, but I don't want to use your suggested wording
>because I don't want to make it sound like we're recommending that people
>do "use chroot = no"; instead, I will just inform them of the consequences.
>- Dave Dykstra
>>Here's a patch for the changes to those man pages against the 2.5.5 release 
>>tree.  It changes --owner in rsync(1) and "use chroot" in rsyncd.conf(5).
>>diff -uNr rsync-2.5.5/rsync.1 rsync-2.5.5_update/rsync.1
>>--- rsync-2.5.5/rsync.1	Wed Feb  6 16:21:19 2002
>>+++ rsync-2.5.5_update/rsync.1	Tue Jun 25 16:28:52 2002
>>@@ -488,7 +488,9 @@
>>.IP "\fB-o, --owner\fP" 
>>This option causes rsync to set the owner of the
>>destination file to be the same as the source file\&.  On most systems,
>>-only the super-user can set file ownership\&.  
>>+only the super-user can set file ownership\&.  For this to work when one
>>+side is an rsync daemon, the module must be configured with "use chroot = 
>>+or else only numeric uid and gid will be provided\&.
>>.IP "\fB-g, --group\fP" 
>>This option causes rsync to set the group of the
>>diff -uNr rsync-2.5.5/rsyncd.conf.5 rsync-2.5.5_update/rsyncd.conf.5
>>--- rsync-2.5.5/rsyncd.conf.5	Fri Aug 31 04:12:35 2001
>>+++ rsync-2.5.5_update/rsyncd.conf.5	Tue Jun 25 16:46:51 2002
>>@@ -144,7 +144,9 @@
>>of not being able to follow symbolic links outside of the new root path
>>when reading\&.  When "use chroot" is false, for security reasons
>>symlinks may only be relative paths pointing to other files within the
>>-root path, and leading slashes are removed from absolute paths\&.  The
>>+root path, and leading slashes are removed from absolute paths\&.  Note
>>+that for --owner (-o) and --group (-g) client side options to function,
>>+"use chroot" must be set to false for the module\&.  The
>>default for "use chroot" is true\&.
>>.IP "\fBmax connections\fP" 

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