Latest rZync release: 0.06

Wayne Davison wayned at
Wed Jun 26 02:41:01 EST 2002

For the small number of people who are checking this out, I released
version 0.05 a couple days ago (and only mentioned it on my new-protocol
web page) followed today by 0.06.  Some highlights of the two releases:

- We handle symlinks now in our recursive synchronization mode.

- Directory scanning is no longer limited to one active directory at a
  time (which was sorely needed when all the directories were up-to-date).

- Improved the "rs" control script, including the addition of the
  ability to specify a different destination name (previously only
  existing destination directories could be specified).

- Added a README with the latest command syntax for controlling rzync.

- Some much-needed cleanup of internal structures.

- Fixed several bugs.

Web resources:

There are still unsquashed bugs lurking, so be careful.  For instance, I
tried to copy my .mozilla dir, and the huge Cache hierarchy is currently
giving it grief.  I'll debug this problem next.


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