rsync hanging?

Amer Diwan diwan at
Tue Jun 25 13:59:02 EST 2002

Hi there,
I've been using rsync for a while to synchronize directories between my
windows XP laptop and a redhat linux workstation.  However, starting
yesterday, rsync started hanging.  From what I can tell, rsync completes the
transfer and then just hangs rather than exiting.  Here are the details:

On the client machine (Windows XP):
rsync version: 2.5.5, protocol version 26
ssh version: OpenSSH_3.3 (I generated a rsa1 key using ssh-keygen, no
script: my script is a bash script that has a number of commands of the
rsync -t -p --links --safe-links --rsh=ssh -u -r
diwan at .
(where munge is the redhat linux machine).

On the server machine (Redhat Linux):
rsync version: 2.5.5, protocol version 26 (i.e., same as client)
ssh version: OpenSSH_3.1p1

I have no idea what changed to cause it to start breaking yesterday.  I did
run a cygwin install again in order to install a new tool, but that
shouldn't have changed rsync/ssh.  TO make sure, I reinstalled all of cygwin
with the above mentioned versions and that did not do the trick.
Any help would be most appreciated.

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