documentation bug for --daemon "use chroot" in conjunction with -o and -g

Corey Stup Corey at
Mon Jun 24 09:15:02 EST 2002

pyxl wrote:
> Hi all,
> Tripped over a documentation bug.  I'm guessing the behavior I've found 
> isn't a bug in itself as it's kind of implied by chroot (unless the 
> /etc/passwd db is read *before* you do the chroot call), so I'm calling 
> it a documentation bug.

I pointed out the same thing a few months ago.

I believe I was told that its in the documentation, I just needed to 
know where to look.

The reason it fails is that if chroot is used, the system can no longer 
access /etc/passwd (since / has changed)...

I spent hours adding debug and such all over the code to try and find 
where it wasn't mapping the uid's.

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