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Bill Geddes bill_geddes at
Sun Jun 23 07:44:01 EST 2002

I have yet to find a cure for my rsync error - the one that leaves the
rsync client and server not talking to each other:

2002/06/21 14:24:48 [30675] rsync: error writing 4096 unbuffered bytes -
exiting: Connection reset by peer
2002/06/21 14:24:48 [30675] rsync error: error in rsync protocol data
stream (code 12) at io.c(463)

Pertinent hardware data:
NIC card has Realtec 8139 chip.  Motherboard has Via VT8367 chipset. 
IBM 80Gb, 7,200rpm disk.  

Rsync 2.5.5-0.1

Since I discovered I was getting bad disk I/O, I tracked down a kernel
patch that enabled DMA for this chipset and raised my disk I/O from
6.6Mb/sec. to 45Mb/sec.  I built this kernel for both server and client
on these affected machines.  The results did not change the rsync

The application I am using is 'SystemImager'.  It's a nifty package to
build systems from a golden-image system.  Thus, the client system I am
attempting to build is a virgin system, nothing else is running on it,
there is not a problem with disk space (nor I/O).  Network-wise, I have
these systems separated by a local switch, thus traceroute returns a
one-hop result.

Again, attempts to use the '--bwlimit' and '--blocking-io' options do
not help results.  I have had the connection reset while rsync was
receiving its list, and after about 100Mb of files have transfered.

This situation is getting desparate.

Bill Geddes                            
  bill_geddes at

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