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Since you use "read only = no", I assume you're sending TO the rsyncd, 
which is not well supported.  I think you'll have to mandate the exclude 
on the client side.

SunOS 5.7           Last change: 12 Feb 1999                    4

Headers, Environments, and Macros                  rsyncd.conf(5)

          The "exclude" option allows  you  to  specify  a  space
          separated  list of patterns to add to the exclude list.
          This is equivalent to the client specifying these  pat-
          terns with the --exclude option except that the exclude
          list is not passed to the client and thus only apply on
          the  server.   Only  one "exclude" option may be speci-
          fied, but you can use "-" and "+"  before  patterns  to
          specify exclude/include.

          Note that this option is not designed with strong secu-
          rity  in  mind,  it is quite possible that a client may
          find a way to bypass this exclude list. If you want  to
          absolutely ensure that certain files cannot be accessed
          then use the uid/gid options in combination  with  file

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Is there a way to exclude files using wildcards in the rsyncd.conf, to get
the same effect of --exclude option in using rsync in client mode ?
I'm trying to exclude all the ~* *.bak etc... using :
    path = /home2
    read only = no
    exclude = ~* *.bak *.tmp

And it doesn't work, file are alaways copied.

Is anybody know the solution ?

thank you


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