make_file() could ignore ENODEV errors (from afs filesystem)

Wayne Davison wayned at
Wed Jun 19 10:52:01 EST 2002

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Kevin J Walters wrote:
> I am using --exclude '.asd/*', this is what comes out,

I'm curious why you don't exclude ".asd" or "/.asd" instead?  That way
it would never descend into that directory and try to stat those items.

> Why is the check_exclude_file() not performed before the
> readlink_stat()? This would mean the stat was never attempted (saving
> a system call) for an excluded thing (including things that error)?

A good question.  One answer is that the code needs to handle the case
where we delete excluded files, and so we need to distinguish dirs from
files.  However, it looks to me like the code in make_file() could be
optimized for certain sets of options to do the check_exclude_file()
call prior to the stat().  We'd have to be careful about it, though.


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