Losing hope.

Aharon aharon at superfreeway.com
Mon Jun 17 15:57:12 EST 2002

The compile throws warnings for me as well, though I am able to cleanly 
and happily send files over 1.9 gigs.. It just either dead stops at 2 
gigs, or produces an error which I posted earlier.  BTW - If I remove all 
my large files, I am able to sync 235,000 files that are under 2 gigs 
without any lockups, just alot of ram usage.

Thanks for your reply :)


On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, John Madden wrote:

> We're currently experimenting with rsync on 64-bit solaris 8, and while
> we've not generated a 2+GB file for testing yet, a 300MB file xfers
> cleanly.  The compile does throw a LOT of warnings.
> I'll post the results of our 64-bit file size when it happens.
> John

Sr Unix Administrator
Tampa, Florida


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