I'm looking for permanent work in Toronto

Andrey Petrunko andrey at aptechno.net
Fri Jun 14 06:25:01 EST 2002

My name is Andrey Petrunko. I'm computer programmer from Russia. I have
immigration visa and the air tickets from Russia to Canada. I will be relocated
from Russia into Toronto July 17. I have very good practice as the computer
programmer in: Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, MSSQL, ASP, HTML, JavaScript. Please
read my detailed resume here: http://www.aptechno.net/myresume/ if you or
your company is interested to give me permanent work in Toronto.

Also I want to warn you that I cannot speak English and I hope that there
are employees knowing Russian in your company or you can describe your
projects in detail, for example in MS WORD. I have not problem to read or write
English and develop any difficult projects.

For example, you can review one of projects created by me here:

Note: I'm not searching for the sponsors. I'm looking for permanent work in
Toronto after July 17.

Andrey Petrunko
andrey at aptechno.net

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