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Approximated petitioner:
Perhaps this will help. 

SunOS 5.7           Last change: 25 Jan 2002                    5

User Commands                                            rsync(1)

      -C, --cvs-exclude           auto ignore files in the same way CVS 
          --existing              only update files that already exist
          --ignore-existing       ignore files that already exist on the 
receiving side

Alternately, you could just
rsync -options file1 file2 file3 file4 file5 serverB:/destinationpath
, but if you want the generic case of syncing only already-existing items, 
that "--existing" option looks like your boy.

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Estimated gurus.

I have a server A with 5 files, and I make a rsync to other server B of
these 5 files.

Imagine that in server A number of files are increasing, and server B are
not increasing but I just like to make rsync of these 5 files from A to B,
none file else.

Is there any option in rsync to "copy" or "send" files fron server A to
server B, owing to replicate only files that are in server B ??

Thank you !!!

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