Richard Ibbotson richard at
Thu Jun 6 06:40:23 EST 2002


Wonder if anyone can help ?

My own internal domestic server was running fine with most things 
until I re-installed today.  Rsync config was done by someone else 
who knows what to do.  I don't.  Seems like a good time to learn :)

I'm trying to backup the contents of my home directory to another 
internal machine which is at from my home directory which 
is at   What are the correct syntax to use ?  I've read 
the man page and can't understand any of it.  So, I was hoping to get 
some help...

I've tried something like...

rsync -cazv *

but this doesn't work even when I make a folder on the other machine 
which is 'backup'.

So, what to do next ?



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