rsync: omit summary with a single -v

Roderick Schertler roderick at
Wed Jul 31 08:00:02 EST 2002

It would be nice if there were a flag which would have rsync behave
like a single -v but which would skip the two line summary info.  I do
a lot of cron-based transfers and I want to see what gets transferred
if anything does, but I'd like it to be entirely silent otherwise.

Here is a patch which makes a single -v behave this way.  -vv causes it
to include the extra info.

diff -r -X /home/roderick/.diff-exclude -u rsync-2.5.5.debian/flist.c rsync-2.5.5/flist.c
--- rsync-2.5.5.debian/flist.c	Thu Mar 14 16:20:20 2002
+++ rsync-2.5.5/flist.c	Wed Jul 31 09:13:10 2002
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
 static int show_filelist_p(void)
-	return verbose && recurse && !am_server;
+	return verbose > 1 && recurse && !am_server;
 static void start_filelist_progress(char *kind)
diff -r -X /home/roderick/.diff-exclude -u rsync-2.5.5.debian/main.c rsync-2.5.5/main.c
--- rsync-2.5.5.debian/main.c	Wed Mar 27 00:10:44 2002
+++ rsync-2.5.5/main.c	Wed Jul 31 09:13:10 2002
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
-	if (verbose || do_stats) {
+	if (verbose > 1 || do_stats) {
 		rprintf(FINFO,"wrote %.0f bytes  read %.0f bytes  %.2f bytes/sec\n",
diff -r -X /home/roderick/.diff-exclude -u rsync-2.5.5.debian/rsync.1 rsync-2.5.5/rsync.1
--- rsync-2.5.5.debian/rsync.1	Wed Feb  6 16:21:19 2002
+++ rsync-2.5.5/rsync.1	Wed Jul 31 09:13:10 2002
@@ -338,9 +338,9 @@
 This option increases the amount of information you
 are given during the transfer\&.  By default, rsync works silently\&. A
 single -v will give you information about what files are being
-transferred and a brief summary at the end\&. Two -v flags will give you
-information on what files are being skipped and slightly more
-information at the end\&. More than two -v flags should only be used if
+transferred\&. Two -v flags will also give you information on what
+files are being skipped and a summary at the end\&. More than two
+-v flags should only be used if
 you are debugging rsync\&.
 .IP "\fB-q, --quiet\fP" 

Roderick Schertler
roderick at

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