superlifter design notes (OpenVMS perspective)

John E. Malmberg malmberg at
Sat Jul 27 12:12:02 EST 2002

Lenny Foner <foner-rsync at> wrote:
> jw schultz wrote:
>   I find the use of funny chars (including space) in filenames
>   offensive but we need to deal with internationalizations and
>   sheer stupidity.
> Regardless of what you think about them, MacOS comes with pathnames
> containing spaces right out of the box (think "System Folder").  Yes,
> rsync needs to not make assumptions about what's legal in a filename.
> Some OS's think slashes are path separators; some put them inside
> individual filenames.  Some think [] are separators.  We shouldn't
> try to make any assumptions.

Agreed.  For a file distribution program, for each file to be 
transferred, ideally the server will have a list of how the file should 
be represented on platforms that the server knows about.

The client would be able to tell the server about new platforms, but the 
server would not be required to remember the information if it did not 
trust the client.

As I work through my back log of e-mail messages, I will give some 
possible implemention details as answers to other posts.

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