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> On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 09:03:32AM -0400, Bennett Todd wrote:
>>2002-07-26-03:37:51 jw schultz:
>>>All that matters is that we can represent the timestamps in
>>>a way that allows consistent comparison, restoration and
>>A very good statement indeed. There are complications, though. Some
>>time representations used by computer systems have ambiguities, two
>>different times that are represented with the same number, or two
>>different representations (created at different times) that actually
>>end up representing the same time.

There is potential loss of precision in converting timestamps.

A program serving source files for distribution does not need to be that 
concerned with preserving exact file attributes, but may need to track 
suggested file attributes for for the various client platforms.

A program that is replicating for backup  purposes must not have any 
loss of data, including any operating specific file attributes.

That is why I posted previously that they should be designed as two 
separate but related programs.

Each application has unique requirements that needlessly complicates an 
application that does both.

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