superlifter - Backup v.s. file distribution.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Tue Jul 23 21:12:01 EST 2002

I would like to suggest that different programs be used for backups than 
for file distribution.

While the two applications have a lot in common, and could probably 
share a common library, there are some significant differences in what 
they need to do.

These differences can add needless complexity to the design if a single 
program is used to do both.

A backup program is mainly concerned with making an exact copy, 
including the file and security attributes.  Generally the same platform 
and security domain is used for the client and the receiver.

So while there may need to be platform specific code for to save and 
retrieve some of the attributes, no translation or special storage files 
are needed.

A file distribution program on the other hand, needs to be concerned 
with cross platform issues, so needs to know about text or binary files, 
but does not need to be concerned with reading or writing security 
information.  It may need to have attribute/information "meta" files to 
assist in delivering consistent cross platform information.

I plan to post a bit more about that in response to some questions 
raised from my previous post about superlifter and OpenVMS.

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