Rsync --delete does not work

g dm gdm2002 at
Tue Jul 23 08:56:02 EST 2002


I just started to use rsync & samba to backup some windows NT & 98 shared directories to a linux machine

linux: debian 2.2.4
rsync: 2.2.5
samba: 2.2.3a-6

I first mount the windows directory on the linux and then do a 
local rsync.

---command on linux
umount /data/transfer
mount -t smbfs -o username=user,password=passwd //ntserver/exp_dir 

cd /data/transfer

rsync -a --delete * /data/exp_dir

umount /data/transfer

this works fine, except for deleted files. Files that got deleted on the 
windows remain on the linux side, even after repeated rsync's

This is what the --delete option is supposed to do.

I've tested this several times. the samba mount show the correct state, 
i.e. without the deleted files. Rsync does not notice they're gone.

I've seen/read a lot of posts in the google archives concerning this --delete 
option. Most of them came from this mailing list. They all seem to suggest it really should work.

So, what did I do wrong?

best regards

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