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On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 06:46:52PM -0400, Stephane Paltani wrote:
> I can propose a billion-dollar NASA project called Chandra as a
> testimonial (OK, most of the money does not go into the archive!).

If you want simple examples of users, try a few names they might

IBM (probably even has an article on rsync somewhere on developerworks)
Maxtor (the inventor of rsync now works for them)
HP (who just btw standardized on free software in the form of Debian)
SGI (I know a guy in one of their biggest labs prefers rsync to the
  commercial variant he tried. Haven't talked to him in awhile though.) (uses rsync all over the place)

rsync was the primary sync method for most the trillion and one dot-coms
out there, and is still used heavily in cluster or load balanced
environments. (whether or not this is a good example is up to you)

And so on, and so on...


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