Linux and Solaris performance

Bernard A Badger bab at
Wed Jul 17 11:35:07 EST 2002

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> Subject: Linux and Solaris performance
> We have an interesting quandry here.  When I'm rsync'ing my directory
> tree (100 directories each containing 1000 files) I see some strange
> results:
> All of these machines are on their own network segment (100t) in our QA
> lab
> Solaris->Solaris - time taken: 11m32s
> Solaris->RH Linux 7.2 - time taken: 206s
> RH Linux->Rn Linux - time taken 1m59s
> In each instance I have rsync running as a server on the target machine
> (Linux in each case).  I just can't explain why the performance is just
> so AMAZING on Linux.  Any ideas?
> Thanks
Just guessing...

Are you _doing_ the same thing in each case?  
That is, not, "did you type the same command",
but does rsync perform the exact same block transfers?

You use rsync to move changes from one machine to another,
are you moving the same changes?
Maybe there isn't much difference between the files on the linix machines.

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