still about rsync/ssh"

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Fri Jul 12 10:14:34 EST 2002

Wang:  I take it you mean that your mail bounced.  Your domain is probably 
in the RBL or something.
The commandline you give is an attempt to contact a rsyncd server.  That 
means that the server you're contacting would have /etc/rsyncd.conf, and 
either an appropriate entry in /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf, or would 
be started manually with "rsync --daemon".  I'm guessing that's not the 
case.  The default port for an rsyncd is 873, so there's no reason to 
specify it on your commandline.

There are three transport used by rsync:
local, which uses either shared memory or pipes - my best guess.
tcp connection to an rsyncd server.
tcp connection through an external transport (rsh, ssh).

local probably already works for you.
to use an rsync server, set one up (man rsyncd.conf).  you CAN run it as 
non-root, in which case, you will be using the --port= parameter, so you 
can designate a port above 1024.
To use an external transport, you must have one that works without a 
password.  set it up so you can "rsh server uname -a" or "ssh server uname 
-a", and that tells you that you have a working external transport.  After 
that condition is satisfied, if you can use the transport to do "rsync 
--version", you can do the rsync, if not, you'll need either to get rsync 
into your path or specify the location of the remote rsync with 

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07/11/2002 08:23 PM

        To:     Tim Conway/LMT/SC/PHILIPS at AMEC
        Subject:        still about rsync/ssh"

  Thank you very much for your help.I tried to write to 
rsync at ,but was sent back soon.I have to disturb you again 
  The problem now is when I remove the -e ssh parameter, the rsync can't 
connect to the remote host.
  When I try to use
# rsync --port 873 
to change to tcp transport, it gave the prompt
"fail to connect to",
what is the problem? How can I use rsync directly through tcp but not ssh, 
or how can I use rsync through ssh but without inputing the password?
       wang li

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