Configuration error--Can any one help me out

maniezhilan maniezhilan at
Thu Jul 11 02:29:01 EST 2002

Hi all,

I have configured the configuration files rsyncd.conf,rsyncd.secrets and
pid files of Server side.
when I try to execute the the following command on client side, I am
getting this error.

rsync -avzrpog backup at /home/backup

Error Messages:

@ERROR: auth failed on module test

Server Log Messages:

 rsyncd[7490]:secrets file must not be other-accessible (see strict
modes option)
 rsyncd[7490]: continuing without secrets file
 rsyncd[7490]: auth failed on module test from

Can any one help me.

My Configuratoin file for rsyncd.conf

#### rsyncd.conf file ####
uid = backup
gid = backup
pid file = /etc/
syslog facility = daemon

[test]  #Module name could be any name
path = /home/backup
comment = user related any info
auth users = backup
hosts allow =
secrets file =/etc/rsyncd.secrets
max connection = 0
#use chroot = true
timeout = 60
#### End of configuration file ####

My Configuration file for rsyncd.secrets


Can any one help me out.

With Regards,

J.Mani Ezhilan
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