[PATCH] Infinite recursion in rsync --server

Werner Maier maier at fidion.de
Tue Jul 9 01:33:02 EST 2002


--Aaron Hopkins <aaron at die.net> Samstag, 6. Juli 2002 16:20 -0700:
> With rsync --server, sometimes when the remote side control-C's a transfer,
> rsync will immediately start consuming all available RAM.
> [...]
> This continues until the server kills the out-of-control process due to lack
> of memory, obviously making everything else on the server unhappy for a
> while in the process.
> rwrite () knows about this possible recursion, but only handles it properly
> with "am_daemon".
> This bug is present in at least 2.5.4 and 2.5.5.  The simple attached patch
> fixes this, and patches cleanly against either.
> If for some reason the MIME gets eaten, you can also pick it up from:
>     https://www.die.net/tmp/50dff5d6fd24afd8e731eb2fa3f86556/rsync-2.5.4-oom.patch
> [...]

patch worked fine and did resolve my problem.

Please Excuse: I did search BUGs and TODO, but I missed searching the archive
before posting ;-)

best regards.

Werner Maier.
Werner Maier, Dipl.-Ing. Univ.        E-Mail: maier at fidion.de
fidion GmbH                           Berner Straße 2, 97084 Würzburg

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