directory replication between two servers

Arthur van Leeuwen arthurvl at
Thu Jul 4 00:44:02 EST 2002

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, Eric Ziegast wrote:

> > I am two Linux servers with rsync server running on both. Now I am
> > replicating directories in both servers with the command rsync -avz ....
> > My requirement is, if I made any changs in the first server, say server
> > A,   I want to see the changes in the scond server immediately....some
> > thing similar to mysql database can I do that..??
> ... a vague question.  It depends on the application.
> If you need read-write access on one server and need to replicate data
> to a read-only server and need synchronous operation (i.e.: the
> write must be completed on the remote server before returning to the
> local server), then you need operating-system-level or storage-level
> replication products.
>     Veritas:
>     Andrew File System (AFS)
>     Distributed File System (DFS)
>     NetApp, Procom (
>     EMC, Compaq, Hitachi (

> If others know of other replication methods or distributed filesystem
> work, feel free to chime in.

Well, for Linux there's DRBD and NBD as well. NBD is the Network Block Device,
which allows you to export blockdevices over a network. Using this together 
with software-RAID you can build a replication-system. DRBD is the
Distributed Replicated Block Device which provides block devices replicated
over the network.

Doei, Arthur.

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