Read Error : Connection reset by peer

David Bordas bordas at
Tue Jan 29 01:57:15 EST 2002

Hi list,

I've a problem with rsync.
Server and client are running red hat 6.2.
I've got a server running rsync 2.4.6 as a daemon ( rsync --daemon )
For security i use IP checking.

( NB perhaps it's not the better way to do what i want )

I try 2.4.6 on the server and on my client.
on the client i launch rsync like this :
rsync -avrpogtzH XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX::myfolder /unit2/www/myfolder

This command was executed ( via cron ) every night for backuping.

The remote folder is around 15 GB and lots of files especially some folders
which can contain such as 100K files.

My error is this : read error: Connection reset by peer
                   unexpected EOF in read_timeout

I try to modify the command line adding : --timeout=900 but seems to don't

I try to upgrade server and client to rsync 2.5.2, run configure ok but make
don't work ...
So i upgrade to 2.5.1 but already have my problem ...

I'm not sure i'm clear ...

Thanks for helping

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