option --delete still not completely working (2.5.2)

Phil Howard phil-rsync at ipal.net
Tue Jan 29 00:15:03 EST 2002

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 11:14:59AM +0000, pod wrote:

| >>>>> "PH" == Phil Howard <phil-rsync at ipal.net> writes:
|     PH> This problem has persisted for as long as I've used rsync.  When
|     PH> the --delete option is used, not all files are deleted from the
|     PH> target, even though said files are not present in the source.  The
|     PH> particular cases that cause this are when the target has a
|     PH> directory with files, and the source is something else, at least a
|     PH> symlink (this is the case I have seen). [...]
| Even when using --force --delete?

Seems this man page is getting old.  It still has options that aren't
even there anymore.

Hmmm.  That just blew away everything.  Now I don't have a test case
until I can download the 450 MB again over a 28.8k.  I'll see if I can
set up another test case between some other servers.  Don't worry,
that data was not important ... I just left it lying around to test

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