rsync: future of the --server option

Martin A. Brown mabrown at
Sat Jan 26 02:13:50 EST 2002

Thanks for you response, Tim.

 : Hehe... gotcha.  --server and --sender are undocumented because they are
 : commands used by the initiating rsync to cause the called rsync behave as
 : a slave.

Essentially, the command I wish to run on the ``recipient'' machine is
exactly that, a slave command.

 : --daemon IS documented well enough, though it's meaningless
 : unless you also read the (also very good) rsyncd.conf documentation.
 : The message you were reading was about a special application, not normal
 : usage.

Yes, and I'm asking specifically about that special application, not
normal usage, which works flawlessly for me, nor about --daemon mode,
which also works as I would expect.  I'm connecting to the machine via
SSH.  I do not wish to run a publicly accessible rsync server.

I always wish to run the rsync on the destination machine in --server
mode, and am concerned that as --server is undocumented that its behaviour
might change or that as a an undocumented option, it may cease to function
the same way in the future.

Can anybody here shed any light for me on whether or not the --server
option is here to stay?

Thank you,


 :         To:     rsync at
 :         Subject:        rsync: future of the --server option
 : Hello list members,
 : I notice here that the --server option is listed as undocumented.
 : My question is that the --server option is not documented, and I'd like
 : not to build functionality into one of my systems without trusting that it
 : will be there in the future.
 : I was able to find the --server option simply by watching the rsync
 : entries in the process table when I did not use the command restrictions
 : for the DSA key.  I, however, would very much like to use belt and
 : suspenders:  I would like to restrict access to this DSA key and also
 : restrict this DSA key to this individual rsync command.
 : I have been able to make rsync do my bidding by's a snippet
 : of my .ssh/authorized_keys2 file:
 : command="/usr/bin/rsync --quiet --delete --links --perms --recursive \
 :    --server /home/mabrown/miccawillow/" ssh-dss AAAA....
 : For now, I'm happy to continue using the version of rsync I am using
 : (rsync-2.4.6) as I have been very happy with it.  I would like to know
 : what the development plan includes for the undocumented --server option
 : (and the --sender option, too I guess).
 : Thanks for a great product.
 : -Martin

Martin A. Brown --- SecurePipe, Inc. --- mabrown at

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