meaning of "IO Error: skipping the delete...."

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Jan 25 20:13:07 EST 2002

On 25 Jan 2002, Nitin Agarwal <nitin.agarwal at> wrote:
> Dear  Mr. Martin,
> Thanks for the reply.
> We tried as per your advice. Now, its not showing us any errors.
> But, we observed that while copying the files from the main server to the backup
> machine, rsync is changing the file names of those files having last extension as any
> single digit integer (e.g. ".3", ".2", ".1"). While copying it shows us copying the
> file with name "12345.1234554321.3" to the destination as "12345.1234554321.0003".
> i.e. it is adding "000" to the extension.

This is very strange behaviour.  I cannot at the moment think of any
aspect of rsync that would cause it to manipulate the filenames in
this way.

What operating system and what version of rsync are you using?  

Can you please find a minimal set of instructions that recreate the
problem: in other words, the commands to run to create files with the
names that are causing problems, and then the rsync command that
copies them.


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