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No.  Rsync is unidirectional.
If you try to do it both ways, first, it's going to delete anything on 
hostb that isn't on hosta, then make all the files on hostb just like 
hosta.  Then, if you try to go back the other way, all the changes on 
hostb are already gone.
There is a product called "unison", which is made to do what you're asking 
about.  I don't know more about it than that it exists.  A quick google 
should get you to it.
Good luck.

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Raj <rgoud at>
01/24/2002 09:21 AM

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        Subject:        Rsync

Currently I have rsync setup on hosta which syncs to
hostb. Rsync deletes whatever deleted from hosta and
copy and sync from hosta to hostb. Does rsync catch
changes made and sync hosta in case any changes are
made to hostb?

Please let me know.



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