suid files and bsd

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Fri Jan 25 08:01:48 EST 2002

rsync tries to make the files the same.  If you include mode, that's that. 
 Perhaps you could modify generator.c for your own copy, to mask off the 
suid and sgid bits, so the list would make them all look non-suid, source 
and dest, and thus not try to set them, and not care that they're not set. 
I'm not sure it's generator.c, but i'm sure you can find it.

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        Subject:        suid files and bsd

                 Currently I only have one machine backing up to another. 
I am
backing up to a filesystem that is mounted as nosuid. The syncing process
works perfectly except it fails on files that are suid. 


mknod tmp/mysql.sock : Invalid argument
mknod tmp/orbit-daud/orb-12573780511489051058 : Invalid argument
mknod tmp/orbit-daud/orb-139425434385535813 : Invalid argument

mknod var/pwcheck/pwcheck : Invalid argument
mknod var/run/log : Invalid argument
mknod var/run/ndc : Invalid argument
mknod var/run/printer : Invalid argument

srw-rw-rw-   1 root    wheel      0 Jan 23 11:52 log
srw-------   1 root    wheel      0 Jan 23 11:53 ndc
srwxrwx---   1 root    wheel      0 Jan 23 11:53 printer

I would figure that copying the file and setting the file typr would be
different. Is this the rsyncd that is seeing the file system set nosuid
or has anyone else run into this sort of problem? I would really rather
not have suid files allowed on the backup filesystem.


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