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Assuming you've exported that variable (made it an environmental variable, 
not just a shell variable. "setenv" instead of "set" in csh-ish shells, or 
acted upon by the "export" command in bourne-flavored shells), the fact 
that "every things seems to work fine" is pretty good evidence.  Just check and make sure that the ssh found by 
"which ssh" is really ssh, and not just another rsh.
In case you're not certain of the security on your system, the best way to 
be dead certain would be to check the sshd log on the destination machine, 
and ascertain that your machine is in fact running "rsync --server (a 
bunch of other arcane stuff)" at the times you're invoking it using ssh.
You could also try temporarily renaming your .ssh directory to see if that 
makes it fail.
I'd say just do the rsync in the background and do a "ps" to see if it's 
spawned ssh, but again, which ssh?

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I added the enviroment variable RSYNC_RSH=ssh and every things seems to 
fine, but there is no way to tell if rsync is actually using ssh or not?

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