proper syntax?

Jamie Pratt jamie at
Thu Jan 24 02:41:10 EST 2002


I'm trying to replicate a set of directories (and subdirs) to a server running rsync --daemon from another (client) machine using rsync (not using external transport)

my syntax is:

cd /usr/local/oracle
rsync -avu ./* root at x.x.x.x::oracle/

where:  /usr/local/oracle is the directory and subdirs I want to replicate to x.x.x.x (I run this script on the machine WITHOUT rsync --daemon running...

...It all appears to work, but I'm not satisfied - dates dont seem to change on files?  (And, yes I know root is not the guy to do this, but root is the same on both boxes, hence its easier right now, and I am the admin, so I take the blame if it gets hosed up!! ;-)



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