problem with parent directories

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     -R, --relative
          Use relative paths. This means that the full path names
          specified  on  the  command line are sent to the server
          rather than just the last parts of the filenames.  This
          is  particularly  useful  when you want to send several
          different directories at the same time. For example, if
          you used the command

          rsync foo/bar/foo.c remote:/tmp/

SunOS 5.7           Last change: 29 May 2001                    8

User Commands                                            rsync(1)

          then this would create a file called foo.c in /tmp/  on
          the remote machine. If instead you used

          rsync -R foo/bar/foo.c remote:/tmp/

          then a file called /tmp/foo/bar/foo.c would be  created
          on the remote machine. The full path name is preserved.

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i am having problems syncing directories. what i want to accomplish is the 
copying of a directory from a beta environment to a live environment. at 
the moment what i am doing is this:

/usr/local/bin/rsync -rtv --include '*/' --include 'dir/to/publish' 
--exclude '*' /web/beta/betawebsite user at webserver::web/livewebsite

unfortunately this takes ages, as rsync of course runs through the entire 
list of directories on the beta site. the problems that arise are that 
parent directories sometimes do not exist (in this example 'dir' might not 
exist), as they have not yet been published to the live environment, so i 
don't really see any other way of doing this?

can anybody nudge me into the right direction? :)



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