Rsync 2.5.1 on Solaris 8 reverse lookup failures

Craig Donnelly Craig at
Wed Jan 23 23:36:02 EST 2002

I get the following log messages using rsync 2.5.1 compiled on Solaris 8
when using the "hosts allow" option in rsyncd.conf:

2002/01/23 12:09:51 [28276] rsync: reverse name lookup mismatch on fd0 -
spoofed address?
2002/01/23 12:10:18 [28276] rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (16 bytes
read so far)

Resolv.conf/DNS are configured and working properly with both A and PTR
records available.
The problem does not occur on a Solaris 7 machine.

Any ideas why appreciated?


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