Permissions Problems

Doug Summers summersd at
Fri Jan 18 06:19:32 EST 2002

I'm trying to synch 2 directories and, using the example from the FAQ, my
commands look like this:

rsync -auqz directory1 remoteserver:/test
rsync -auqz remoteserver:/directory1 /test

If I change a directory's permissions and/or timestamp on the remote server
the 1st rsync command changes it back to match the source. Files, however
are unaffected and only get updated if newer. For example:

(On remote server)
drwxr-x---   2 root     sys          512 Jan 17 11:16 test/

(On source server)
drwxrwxrwx   2 root     other        178 Jan 17 10:36 test/

After the 1st command is run both directories look like the source server.
If I were to switch these around it works fine.

What I am doing wrong???


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