Where can I download the latest and greatest rsync Win32 binary?

Carlos Gutierrez carlosg at sca.com.mx
Wed Jan 16 06:56:39 EST 2002


> >From www.cygwin.com (did you even look there?).

Yes I did, but couldn't find it, and I didn't want to do a full cygwin
install (I did that two years ago, debugged and solved a problem with rsync
running on netware volumes). At that time there were people offering their
win32 binaries in their sites, I thought that was the still the way to get

I also looked at:
where I thought I would find some info, but there wasn't any. Maybe a link
or a readme there would help.


Thanks for the direct link.
In case anybody needs it, here is a ZIP with rsync and cygwin dll.

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