Dry-run option in rsync 2.5.1 on Solaris 2.6

Andrew Mak aom at austclear.com.au
Thu Jan 10 16:32:24 EST 2002

Hello All,

I am using the rsync-2.5.1 on Solaris (Sparc) 2.6. I encountered the 
following while trying to get a directory on two machine in sync.

1) copy the files /var/tmp/test-rsync/* from box1 to box2:/var/tmp/test-rsync/
2) touch a file AAAA in box1:/var/tmp/test-rsync/
3) in box1, type in the following
/usr/local/bin/rsync -nculaR --stats 
--partial  /var/tmp/test-rsync/  box2:/var/tmp/test-rsync/

I am expecting rsync to report the file AAAA will be transfered. Instead, 
rsync reports ALL the files in the directory /var/tmp/test-rsync will be 

 From the man page of rsync, -c is to perform a checksum on all files in 
the sender and receiver. If the file exist on the receiver, the checksum 
and the size are the same, the file will be skipped.

In this case, all but the file AAAA meets the condition, has anyone get any 
idea on why is rsync still reports all the files? Is there anyway to get 
rsync to report only on the file it is going to transfer instead of 
outputting the whole file list?

Many thanks in advance.

Andrew Mak

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