rsync -e ssh --bwlimit=20 ?

J Robinson jrobinson852 at
Fri Jan 4 09:54:28 EST 2002

Hello Everyone:
I've been trying to get rsync using --bwlimit
using openssh for transport without success.

Here's what I get: 

  % rsync --bwlimit=20 /dest
  user at's password:  ****
  rsync: unrecognized option `--bwlimit=20'
  unexpected EOF in read_timeout

I tried specifying ssh transport using both the 
-e option and by setting the RSYNC_RSH evironment
variable--  it made no difference. rsync works as
expected without the --bwlimit option.

I know --bwlimit is a fairly new feature. and I
researched this as much as I could without going into
the source code... anyone able to get this to work, or
have any tips?

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