rsync does not listen on ipv4 ports in daemon mode

sean grossman sean at
Fri Jan 4 08:22:09 EST 2002

I was running 2.5.0, upgraded to 2.5.1 and all is now well. Thanks for the
point to new version, I didn't bother to check this morning since there
was no update as of Moday :)

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Dave Dykstra wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 11:21:42AM -0800, sean grossman wrote:
> > On OpenBSD 2.8 when i start rsync with:
> > # rsync --daemon
> >
> > the daemon doesn't bind to the ipv4 tcp port instead it only listens to
> > the ipv6 port. The daemon works properly using the same argument on linux.
> > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> You don't say what version you're using, but be sure to use the just-released
> 2.5.1 because there were some changes with respect to ipv6 in that version.
> They weren't tested on OpenBSD so there may be some problems, I don't know.
> If you don't really want ipv6 another workaround may be to compile with
> configure --disable-ipv6 or use the runtime option -4.  I did the last
> modifications because the code was causing the daemon to shut down on Linux
> in some cases, but I really don't know anything about how IPv6 things are
> supposed to be implemented, and if somebody who knows what they're doing
> would take a look at it it would be appreciated.
> - Dave Dykstra

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