FreeBSD version dependency?

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Thu Jan 3 21:35:09 EST 2002


I have several servers to administrate (up to 400). I'm using rsync to
sync up things in the servers.
In all servers, FreeBSD is installed, but different FreeBSD release,
from 3.5 STABLE to 4.4 RELEASE.

I have problem that FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE server only can't rsync by
error "unexpected tag", "unexpected EOF".
All server's rsync version is same. (2.4.6)

I have looked up FreeBSD cvs repositry, but no important RSH changes
between 4.2R and 4.4R.
I can't figure out this problem. So what must do I?

Thanks in advance.

 Jang Jeong-ho <cestlavie at>

 Most of your faults are not your fault. - Anonymous
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