rsync *Still* Copying All Files?

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Jan 3 18:42:58 EST 2002

On 20 Dec 2001, "Mack, Daemian" <DMack at> wrote:
> > The question is, why does it work?  Are you indeed copying 
> > between two NTFS
> > filesystems, with rsync running under Windows & cygwin on 
> > both sides?  I
> > would have thought that would result in matching timestamps 
> > granularity on
> > both sides so rsync would always end up comparing the same values.
> Now that you've jogged my memory, I remember coming across a Knowledge Base
> article around a year ago that discussed this filesystem timestamp
> granularity.  I can't recall the reason for it, or the set of circumstances
> under which it's an issue, but maybe this article touches on the issue long
> enough to be of relevance:
> My hunch is that this is happening because I'm dealing with NTFS5 on Win2K
> and NTFS4 on NT4.

I think there are some NT APIs that only return time in 2sec
resolution.  Possibly Cygwin is using them?  (Why would it, though?)


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