.plan to avoid unhappy users

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Thu Jan 3 18:40:22 EST 2002

On 22 Dec 2001, Han <han at mijncomputer.nl> wrote:

> I am on a developpers list for mandrake: cooker@ and the rsync-servers
> broke which resulted in a lot of very unhappy people cause their rsync
> directories got empied.

Sorry about that...

rsync should never delete local files just because the server is
unreachable.  Is that what happened?

> # these are the packages that are no longer on the server.
> rm package-2.4.8
> rm nother1-4.5.6
> Now all the rsync user has to do is having a look at that list and sh
> it if he agrees.

You can get that behaviour by using --dry-run first to see if the
proposed modifications are reasonable.  If you discover any bugs that
cause --dry-run not to be accurate then please report them.


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