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Duane Meyer d1663m at
Thu Jan 3 15:39:00 EST 2002

This is a simple question. How much file system overhead is there with this system? Is it only as large as the largest file transfered or could you potentially (even if configured correctly) end up with double what you started out with on the sending or receiving end? 

The reason I need to be sure is that I have a file system that's literally several hundred thousand files. Complete it's around 25-30GB.. these are sparse files so there's lots of room for compression. ..tar'd and compressed it's 3-4GB.

I just need to be sure there will be enough room if no single file is larger than about 200K and I have about 5GB of space left of the partition.

It's just taking way too long to tar and compress the complete directory, transfer than uncompress and untar.. the last run took around 24 hours front to back. I'm hoping to cut that to around 4-5 hours. :) (probably optimistic, but who knows!) 

Anybody know of limitations on file count or size I might run into here?

Any help is appreciated for this rsync newbie.

Duane Meyer
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