2.5.1pre3 - Bugs in configure script / config.h.in breaks build.

John Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Wed Jan 2 11:45:59 EST 2002

Compaq C 6.5
OpenVMS Alpha 7.3

The config.h.in template file is missing the line:


This caused the resulting CONFIG.H on OpenVMS to not test for the 
existance of the inet_ntop() routine in it's system tables.

This configure bug exposed that the prototype in inet_ntop() in RSYNC.H 
does not match the one in the Compaq C header files.  This stopped the 
build.  I am using a field test version of the compiler, so I will have 
follow up on which is the "official" definition, if there is one.

A second issue, is the line:

#undef socklen_t

It is not in the standard format for the other lines in the configure 

It would be helpful for it to be:


And then somewhere else, where the defintion is used, or in rsync.h

typedef socklen_t size_t

I can do debugging or testing of the configure scripts.  So someone with 
a UNIX platform will need to verify what the fixes to the configure 
scripts need to be.

OpenVMS does not execute configure scripts.  They are harder to port 
than the applications, and tend to generate incorrect results for the 
OpenVMS platform even after they are ported.

Instead, an OpenVMS DCL procedure is used to read the CONFIG.H.IN file 
and uses it to search the system libraries to see what routines and 
header definitions are present.

This works very well when all of the "#undef" lines are in a standard 

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