exclude option in rsyncd.conf

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Sat Feb 23 17:08:37 EST 2002

On 22 Feb 2002, Albert Chin <rsync at lists.thewrittenword.com> wrote:
> I have the following module defined in rsyncd.conf:
>   [updates]
>     list = no
>     hosts allow = foo
>     path = /ext/updates
>     exclude = incoming
> >From host "foo", if I run:
>   $ rsync -arHvn --delete bar::foo /ext/updates
> then the /ext/updates/*/incoming directory will be deleted. However,
> If I use:
>   $ rsync -arHvn --delete --exclude=incoming bar::foo /ext/updates
> then /ext/updates/*/incoming is not deleted. This is what I want.

What if you use --delete-excluded?

This is kind of inconsistent, but I guess it can be explained as the
server trying to hide from the client the fact that those directories
exist at all.


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