splint in rsync 2.6?

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Sat Feb 23 11:44:34 EST 2002

I just tried running Splint across rsync.  (Splint is the C-checking
lint tool previously called LCLint.)

In default mode it gives 2552 (!!) warnings for rsync alone, not
including zlib or popt.  In -weak mode, it gives 390.  Of course, the
vast majority will not be real errors, but from past experience using
lclint and -Wall on other projects I would not be surprised if some of
them were worth fixing.  

For example, Splint gives much more detailed signedness warnings than
gcc.  We've seen recently that this can be a security problem, but
also that careless fixes can break other platforms.

Patches that fix them will be more disruptive than would be
appropriate for 2.5 at this stage, but it's probably a useful thing to
do shortly afterwards.


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