Keep one BIG file in sync

Martin Pool mbp at
Sat Feb 23 08:49:34 EST 2002

On 21 Feb 2002, Joseph Annino <jannino at> wrote:
> This is cool.  You can't really tell that this is what is going on from
> reading the man page.

I'd really like to improve the state of documentation for rsync.  The
man page has grown organically and is not really appropriate for the
current audience.  (Plenty of people who'd like to use rsync don't
know what rcp is, for example.)

If people could find the time to write (or rewrite) just a few clear
paragraphs about some feature and send them to the mailing list, that
would be great.  Plain text is fine.  I think it will eventually end
up as Texinfo or maybe DocBook, but format is less important than


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