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Albert Chin rsync at
Sat Feb 23 04:12:49 EST 2002

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 08:48:03AM +0100, ASendrowski wrote:
> my situation:
> i have a production-server with Solaris 7 and a 200 GB RAID attached. 
> the server runs without troubles for month.
> I build an backup-server with same configuration. i installed 
> rsync-2.3.1-binaries on both machines. i sync the RAIDs every night (i 
> sync subfolders of the RAID - its faster as sync the whole RAID).
> after a few days (a week) the backup-server panics in the middle of the 
> rsync and reboots. filesystemcheck finds troubles.
> then i done a test:
> filesystemcheck on backup-server: ok, no troubles.
> run rsync.
> filesystemcheck on backup-server: not ok, many troubles.
> i removed rsync-2.3.1 and installed rsync-2.5.2 with same results.
> rsync doesnt report any troubles - all fine a few days. then after a few 
> days rsync report IO-Error on backup-server on file xxx. then a few days 
> later the backup-server reboots during rsync. the production-server runs 
> without troubles, i cant take them offline now for a filesystemcheck.
> now my questions:
> anyone has seen such trouble too?
> is the 200GB too big for rsync?
> if the filesystem on the source-RAID inconsistent, i copy them to the 
> target-RAID?

I don't see how rsync could be the cause of any problem. I suggest you
try the --dry-run option (-n). Rsync is exercising the disk on the
remote server and maybe you have some bad blocks on the file system.
Looks like the driver for your RAID controller on the backup server
doesn't deal well with *something* so maybe you need new firmware or a
newer rev of the driver.

albert chin (china at

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